Red Half truths in Advertising Essay

Question 1

Advertising Research plays an instrumental role in all of the three stages of the advertising management process in: preparing, implementation, and evaluation. 1 . Discuss how Red Bull uses advertising research in the above three phases. The marketing research process as described by simply Kotler and Keller (2006: 103) involves the following actions: [pic]

The next sections depth an examination of how Crimson Bull have been able to achieve planning, setup and analysis using the previously mentioned marketing study process:

A. Planning

Reddish Bull's Trouble definition

The development of the case study describes the range of energy drinks which is available on the South African marketplace and the hostile campaigns of Red Bull's competitors. The challenges Crimson Bull experienced before entering the market happen to be listed below: 1 . Avoiding the trap to be perceived as a " sports” drink only. This is where other folks have failed previously. 2 . Promote the product sufficiently so that awareness is well developed within the To the south African market. 3. Prevent thinking bigger in terms of the potential consumers within the market class of energy beverages. 4. Merchandise price

5. Ability to mix with alcoholic beverages.

The Research Plan

Red Bull designed its research program as follows:

Info sources: Statement of current consumption of energy drinks inside the South African market Research approaches: The research strategy that was employed was mainly observation and research about customer perception regarding the product. Sample staff will gather this information and try to persuade consumers about the benefits of Red Bull. Research instruments: A questionnaire might have been employed by sampling staff although interviewing customers Sampling plan: Red Bull's strategy is usually to market to specific targeted group that is not restricted to sporting activities only. Get in touch with methods: direct interviews

B. Implementation

Collecting Information

Main data was collected as follows:

|Data Source |How would Red Bull proceed | |Observation |Red Bull really does observation depending on the opinions of the sample people committed for instructing the consumer. However , | | |observation is usually not the core of primary data collection mechanism used by Red Bull | |Focus teams |Not utilized by Red Bull | |Survey Research |This activity is a core of Red Bull's data collection strategy. It has a dedicated crew on the field who listens to | | |the customer and so they gather productive info about: | | |Likes and disfavors | | |Misconceptions regarding the product | | |Complaints, e. g. high articles of caffeine | | |Response to customer questions | |Behavioural |Red Half truths puts much emphasis on the first effect the product has on the customer. They are really encouraged to drink the whole | |data |to feel the effect. This will definitely have a snowball result and inspire new prospective customers. | |Experimental |Red Half truths targeted consumers who more than likely would ingest energy beverages, not limited to sports simply. Thus, it includes | |Research |tried to strike two birds together with the same natural stone by focusing on most people who need physical...

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