Reflection Conventional paper 1


I. Introduction

During the course of this kind of class I have been constantly informed of The lord's power. The character of Our god the Father, Son and O Spirit features and is being spelled out to us this semester in addition to the attributes of The almighty. Two of these types of attributes will be His Omnipresence and His Toute-puissance. II. Portion One

a. Biblical Definition

Omnipresence is the real estate of being almost everywhere at once. The almighty exists atlanta divorce attorneys place and time. There may be nowhere that God isn't. It is a term usually only reserved for gods and religious deities since it is all-together unfathomable. To be almost everywhere is a international concept to us and seems to in the very least mean that something features split into multiple parts in order to be in different places simultaneously. This may not be so with Our god as He does not have " parts”. He is merely everywhere almost all all moments. b. Biblical Foundation

Bible verses tells us that God was present at and continues to be apparent in His creation, but God, himself, is certainly not part of creation. He been around before creation, time, and space (Col 1: 17). " Initially, God created the heavens and the earth. two The earth was without form and void, and darkness was within the face of the deep. And the Heart of Goodness was flying over the encounter from the waters. ” ( Gen 1: 1-2). Scripture also tells us explicably of His Omnipresence. " The eyes of the Head of the family are in each and every place, keeping watch on the evil plus the good. ” (Prov 15: 3) " Where shall I move from your Spirit? Or exactly where shall We flee through your presence? Easily ascend to heaven, present! If I make my understructure in Sheol, you are there! Easily take the wings of the morning and live in the uttermost parts of the ocean, even right now there your hand shall lead myself, and your proper hand shall hold me. ” (Psalm 139: 1-7). These are just a few of many explanations of His omnipresence inside the bible. c. Practical application:

One of the comforting verses about this is definitely Matthew 18: 20: " For in which two or three happen to be gathered in my name, there am I among them. ” Like a...

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