Research Technique Essay


Research Methodology is a approach to methodically solve the study problem, it does not only takes the research strategies but also consider the common sense behind the techniques. The study of Analysis Methodology intended for developing the project provides us the required training in gathering materials and arranging all of them, participation in the field work when ever required, and also provides training in techniques for the gathering of data ideal to particular problems.

principal objectives

1)-To analyse the effect of brand ambassadors influence on enhancing the rand name image of FMCG products 2)-To analyse the buyer perception regarding relating company ambassadors with FMCG products.

secondary objectivs

1)-To analyse the role of brand ambassadors in advertising and marketing FMCG goods. 2)-To analyse the importance of brand ambassadors pertaining to FMCG items. 3)-To examine the effectiveness of company ambassador advertisements for FMCG products.

Advertising Research

Advertising research is the systematic design collection, research and revealing of data findings relevant to the particular marketing scenario faced by company. Promoting research process, the research studies and inferences based on your data interpretations combined with concept, method and restrictions of the research are of much use to the management although making ideal decisions about the company. In marketing research investigation the first housing namely ingredients of the problem, specification of your research design and variety of desired information tend to end up being closely interrelated. In Research Methodology, all of us consider about the Research Design, Methods of Assortment of Data, etc .


Research Design is the layout of circumstances for collection and evaluation of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance towards the research goal and comprises the blue print intended for the collection, dimension and evaluation of data.

Study Design utilized in the job

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