Richard Cory - Examination Essay

The narrator in " Rich Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson can be described as low category working resident telling the reader, in detail, of a distinguished lady named Richard Cory who eventually " put a bullet through his head. " Almost everyone, including the narrator, would look at him with shock every time that they saw him. He was " imperially slim" (4), usually charismatic and well-dressed. He was extremely polite and courteous. He would you should everyone's cardiovascular system with a basic " Hello. " Then the narrator shortly explains that on " one quiet summer night" he completes himself simply by putting a weapon to his head. When I first read the poem, I thought that told the story of a young man and his wealth. After regarding my third or 4th reading, I realized this kind of poem is definitely revealing that no matter how taking once life one gets, he or she ought to know that her or his life is not really at its a whole lot worse.

The first two lines with the poem happen to be " Anytime Richard Cory went down community, /We persons on the tarmac looked at him. " After only reading those two lines but not knowing what the poem involved, I thought Richard Cory must be someone incredibly special. When finishing the first stanza, I thought to myself, " Who is this kind of man and why are they so star-strucked simply by him? " After browsing it once again, I found that maybe the " persons on the pavement" worked for the low earnings and rarely saw anybody that appeared, dressed, and conducted themselves in a desirable manner. The bystanders are probably questioning exactly what a man with such taste and an aristocrat will be doing for the reason that part of town.

When I read the second stanza, I can hear his deep smooth voice, "... he fluttered pulses when he said, /Good Morning... " The moment I read " he fluttered pulses" when he talked, I possibly could see young girls giggle, elderly women having warm thoughts inside, and men being surprised to hear his voice even though they are yet to heard that before. When the poem go through, " he was always individual when he spoken, " I did not quite figure out. Soon after that, I noticed the...

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