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Biography: ron and Dick Hoyt

General Purpose: To Inform

Particular Purpose: To share with my viewers on the amazing love and perseverance of Rick and Dick Hoyt. Central Thought: Rick and Dick Hoyt have resided an extra common life and also have a story which has inspired many


I. Attention materials

A. The dictionary identifies Agape appreciate as; a selfless love of one person for another. W. This type of love puts most self aspirations aside and does what is great for the other person at any costs. 2. Orienting Material

A. Today I want to reveal to you the story of the father and son who in my opinion epitomize the definition of agape appreciate.

Transition: If you were to see Ron and Dick Hoyt away an regarding on any given day, you could feel pity for them, yet I'm in this article to tell you that pity is anything these two have not taken upon themselves. Human body

I. According to the Team Hoyt website, in October of 2013; David was born to Dick and Judy Hoyt in 62. A. Resulting from oxygen depravation during childbirth was clinically determined to have spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. B. Desapasionado palsy can be described as neurological disorder that that effect physique movement and muscle skill. C. According to the National Company of Nerve Disorders and Stroke, Ron had the most severe type of cerebral palsy. It is often combined with severe mental disabilities. D. Rick's doctors had advised Dick and Judy to place Rick in an institution for the rest of his existence, because he would only be vegetable and failed to stand a chance at living a normal existence. Transition: His parents rejected, stating they will could inform he was dazzling boy by looks in the eyes, in addition to few short years these were going to identify just what an amazing young man rick was. II. In 1972 several engineers from Tufts University or college in Ma, designed a great interactive computer system for David. A. The computer consisted of a cursor that continuously pointed out each page of the alphabet and a head...

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