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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), headquartered in McLean, Virginia is a publicly traded Fortune 500 company that provides information technology services to advertise security and overall basic safety worldwide. SAIC delivers technological and scientific products and services in the computer integrated-systems design sector. Total SAIC personnel contains 41, 95 employees worldwide (Hoover's, 2012). SAIC protect over 90% of the revenues in the U. S. government, mainly serving the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Reliability, the U. S. Military services, and the U. S. Navy. (Hoover's 2012). Exhibit you: 2012 Revenue Revenue Generated by SAIC's Defense Business Sector: forty percent of Total Sales

SAIC Operates in a few Major Applications:

5. Cyber Reliability

* Strength and Environment

* Overall health

* Intellect, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

* Logistics, Openness, and Sustainment

SAIC Are operating in 5 Significant Applications:

* Web Security

5. Energy and Environment

2. Health

2. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

* Logistics, Readiness, and Sustainment

Options: Mergent On the web; SAIC's 2012 Annual Statement.

The SAIC Leadership Group Consists of Five Key Business owners:

* Chairman of the Board, A. Jones Young (Chairman since 1995); * Chief executive & CEO, John Jumper (USAF-Ret);

* Exec Vice President & CFO, Tag Sopp;

5. Executive Vp and General Counsel, Douglas Scott; 2. Executive Vice President for Federal government Affairs, Marketing and sales communications, and Support Operations, Arnold Punaro Industry Overview The united states Security and Exchange Percentage classifies SAIC as a computer-integrated system design company (SIC 7373). Added classifications include: * Anatomist Services (SIC 8711)

5. Commercial Physical Research (SIC 8731)

* Computer-programming Services (SIC7371)

* Keeping Companies (SIC 6719).

The IT sector requires technological expertise and constant advancement, and is typically dependent on total annual government cash strategy and spending. The sector anticipates ongoing growth all year round and into 2013 with very limited budget cuts. SAIC competes with three major corporations: CACI Intercontinental, SRA International, and ManTech. CACI International is the main benchmark competitor. In spite of CACI's solid performance during the last year and an abundance of protect contracts, all of us estimate that SAIC may have very little difficulty maintaining its dominance in FY 2013. Major Innovations and Crucial Events About March 18, 2012, SAIC agreed to a $540M negotiation with U. S. Legal professional for the Southern District of New York and the Associated with New York regarding at computerized workforce management. As a result, SAIC has reviewed process and control advancements. The effects of this litigation on financial overall performance will be in depth throughout the remainder of this statement. In August on this year, SAIC announced it will eventually divide into two independent businesses by the end of 2013. The first is as a $4B organization that will focus on providing govt technical services and THAT businesses; the other will deliver scientific research and technology solutions, that the company says will create $7B 12 months in income. This split will prevent the conflict of interest of having a federal government contractor in charge of building systems as well as assessment them. (Converge, 2012) News alone, SAIC acquired two new businesses: Vitalize Consulting Solutions, which provides specialized medical businesses and IT support for health care, and Tanker Energy Providers, which provides efficiency based tranny and division of electrical power systems solutions. SAIC likewise received forty five new contract awards in the past fiscal season totaling above $100M....

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Treasury inventory, at price (15, 988 and 15, 077 shares, respectively) | -465, 303 | -136, 631 | (86653)

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