science investigatory project Dissertation

п»їCockroach Fantastic made from Bay area Leaves

Technology Investigatory Task

Presented to the Faculty of

Mother of Divine Charite School

Scientific research Department

Marikina Heights, Marikina City

In Partial Completion of the Requirements

For this issue in Research and Overall health 7

Offered by:

Karl Andrei My spouse and i. Bibal

Tatiana Kirsten R. Cardenas

Christian Paulo G. Pichay

Aug ___, 2013

Table of Contents

Part I

A. Background from the Study

M. Statement with the Problem and Objectives

C. Hypothesis

Deb. Significance with the Study

Elizabeth. Scope and Limitation

Part II

A. Review of Related Literature

B. Review of Related Studies

Part III

A. Materials

W. Procedures

Part IV

A. Observations and Findings

B. Analysis in the Data

C. Generalization

M. Recommendation

Section V



Among the problems inside our society today is the pests. These infestations can be categorized into two – the favorable and the negative. Good since some unwanted pests help the persons in their concerns while poor because most of them give problems to people. One of those pests that do us no real are the blattaria, or typically referred to as cockroaches. Among the solutions in this is the cockroach killer. It is necessary in the repair of the cleanliness of our environment. Cockroach killers such as Baygon and Pulverizador have been proven to destroy the cockroach but it is available in a very high volume that's why persons choose to eliminate cockroaches by hand rather than employing expensive items to kill them. The folks who might not have enough pay up this just let the cockroaches invade their house, not actually but seep into by shifting to them the illnesses they received from the place they come coming from. We think of the idea on making a cockroach monster that is successful, not expensive and eco-friendly. We all will try to have the extract from the San Francisco leaves, also known as codiaeum variegatum to drop it into a cockroach to verify that it is effective. It is a method for...

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