Skaggs Manufactoring Essay

Skaggs Manufacturing

Caleb W. Rape

September 16, 2010


The job of any salesperson can easily at times end up being frustrating and emotionally strenuous. Often salesmen are placed capable that testing their endurance and ability to maintain a specialist demeanor. The way in which a salesperson deals with these conditions will finally affect the human relationships that sales rep has with the clients. " When facing unpleasant or negative conditions, they want to focus on the positive elements instead of allowing themselves to be drawn down” (Robertson, 2005). A successful salesperson must learn to look over a negative circumstance and see a desired result at the end. " They know that all their actions by itself will decide their benefits and they do what is necessary” (Robertson, 2005).

Research of Circumstance Situation:

Circumstance 5. one of the textbook relates to a situation where a salesman, Steve Andrews, has come to present his product to a company. You’re able to send buyer, Martha Gillespie, displays no indications of interest in his presentation or what this individual has to offer. After putting the meeting in hold for a few minutes of casual conversation, demonstrating obvious signs of disinterest, and cutting the meeting short, Ms. Gillespie makes it clear to Mr. Andrews that she is bored with what this individual has to offer. Mr. Andrews toxins no time in leaving the meeting with a quick, unprofessional " Ok” for any farewell.

Ruben Andrews finds himself faced with a very frustrating sales situation. It is not easy to remain calm and collective once you spend your time and efforts in preparation in order to meet with a client and they apparently care less about the work you could have done. When put in a situation such as the 1 presented him, many sales agents would shed their amazing, get irritated, and possibly destroy great will between themselves and a client. Even though the case does not make signals as to how he handled himself inside the meeting, it would seem as if this individual...

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