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The publication So Far By God demonstrates several areas of spirituality and emotional restrains which makes it really hard to focus on only one point. Many characters are active in many activities happening at the same time and incredibly few characters are engaged in just same types of pursuit through the book. The smoothness of Add Domingo, which I will be speaking about in this newspaper, for example , has gone wild together with his addiction towards gambling to fulfil the greed this individual has of making more money then simply he ever has. This character appeared the most concentrated of all because only factor he thinks about is, even thought it may be underhanded, different ways for making money. At the start of the story, Spicilege Castillo lets us know that Add Domingo was too much into gambling and he truly gave up his wife on that basis. Upon knowing his mistake, Domingo returns back to his wife and daughters wanting that everything will be same as it used to be and tries to give up gambling. Nevertheless due to the continuos involvement with spiritual activities of his daughters, Domingo slides back to gambling, despite the fact that he made a little fortune which may not really help to improve his relationship with his children or even his own wife. Even though having been not fully dedicated to wagering, he started to gamble lowly, in tiny cockfights, yet ended up losing up every thing his family members was dependent upon.

If the story takes off in the beginning, we get introduced to...

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