Statistical Ideas Essay

Question 1

How can graphics and/or statistics provide to misrepresent data? Wherever have you viewed this carried out? Answer:

It is just a well known fact that statistics could be misleading. They sometimes are used to demonstrate a point and an conveniently be turned in favor of that point. Statistics, images and database are used in medical field to approve, prove or brand theories, evaluation and model of problems, medications as well as its impact and treatment as well as its effectiveness. As noted simply by Nursing Research (2011)/ " Health Information is very often discussed in record terms for making it succinct and understandable (Basic Statistical Concepts, 2011, para. 1). Statistics dictate research and just like anything statistical data may be misrepresented. Data can be misguiding if the sampling is not done effectively. The deceit of data can happen unintentionally resulting from human problem or purposely through opinion misleading. (Graphical Misrepresentation, 2006) Unintentional misrepresentation can occur through bad testing which is generally conclusive of sampling a little group to be able to represent features of a larger group or perhaps population. (Basics Statistical Ideas, 2011). The one thing that can very easily cause misrepresentation in info is the difference among association and causation—although " variables can be affected by a knowledge of an additional, does not mean that you variable triggers another (Armitage, Berry, & Matthews, 2008). For example this may be seen in the last presidential polls. If 75 people in Indiana were asked whom they were gonna vote for in the past presidential political election and the majority (60%) said Romney, this info could be turned around to represent area saying that 60% of the persons plan to vote for Romney the moment inevitably we learned that Obama took the win.

Issue 2

What are the characteristics of any population for which it would be ideal to use mean/median/mode? When will the characteristics of your...

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