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" The Ancient Cultures of India”

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1 . What were both major metropolitan areas within the ancient Indus Lake Valley civilization? a. Mohenjo Daro

w. Harrapa

2 . List several characteristics/features of the two historical cities. a. writing system

b. metropolitan centers

c. diversified cultural and economic system

3. Even though copper and bronze were in use during this time, which material was still unfamiliar? iron 4. How do we find out so much regarding these two towns today? Due to writing system 5. Precisely what is the Vedas? Most ancent writing program

6. What language are definitely the Vedas created in? sandscrit

7. Define the following conditions:

a. dharma: a deal

m. antariksa: an undesirable thing

c. karma: action or action

8. Contrary to other religions, Hinduism cannot be attributed to the teachings of any sole ________________reincarnation________________________________________. being unfaithful. According to Hindu beliefs, one's actions in the present your life would directly effect their very own future since the heart passes fromone sochall cass ot one other.

10. Where period (century) were the first records of Hindu gods, goddesses, and beliefs initially written straight down? 2000 years ago

11. Who is Shiva? A godes

12. List a couple of unique features about Of india burial techniques during historic times. a. they are reincarnated

n. they are burnt

13. The Mauryan Empire was perhaps the greatest disposition to secret the Indian subcontinent before the arrival of the___________Satavahana Empire____________. 14. What is the most famous structure in India? The tashma hall 15. Although it is usually believed that Alexander the fantastic had not any direct impact on Indian lifestyle and background, what were 2 essential outcomes of Alexander's conquests? a. began trade with mesoptamea

w. and became the best ruler of indea

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18. __________the hiarcy___________________ is the central feature of people's...

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