Swot Analysis - Press and Entertainment Industry Composition

Mass media and Entertainment Industry – SWOT Analysis


Aditya Nawandar

Spin No . 03

|STRENGTHS: | |1. Press And Entertainment is one of the the majority of booming groups in India due to its great customer reach. The various sectors of | |the Mass media And Entertainment industry just like television and film market have a large customer base. | |2. The growing middle section class with higher disposable income is just about the strength of the Media And Entertainment industry. | |3. Change in the lifestyle and spending patterns of the Indian public on entertainment. | |4. Technological innovations like online distribution channels, web-stores, multi- and mega-plexes happen to be complementing the ongoing| |revolution and the regarding the sector.

5. Indian film industry is usually second largest in the world and the largest when it comes to the films produced and tickets distributed. 6. The lower cost of production and large revenues guarantee a good revenue for Of india Media And Entertainment industry.


1 ) The Press And Entertainment sector in India is highly fragmented. 2 . Lack of natural production & distribution system, especially in the case of music industry. a few. The lack of attempts for media penetration in lower socio-economic classes, the place that the media penetration is low.


1 ) The concept of all terain movies, just like Bend It Like Beckham has helped open up new doors towards the crossover viewers and offers tremendous potential for advancement. 2 . The increasing curiosity of the global investors in the sector. three or more. The media penetration is usually poor among the list of poorer sections of the world, offering opportunities for enlargement in the location. 4. The nascent level of the fresh distribution stations offers...

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