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For everyone struggling to stack on some weight, follow these rules I adopted on my large; -Protein: Shoot for 3g of protein per kilo of your body weight each day. -Carbs: Strive for 8g of carbs every kilo of your body weight every day. -Fats: Shoot for 1 . 6g of body fat per kilo of your body weight per day.

I was eating six meals every day, each meal consisting approximately of 40g protein, 120g carbohydrates, 20g fat. (This varies in accordance to time of day). Low GI sugars should be consumed through the majority of the day, I actually only had high GI carbohydrates ahead of & after my workout.

Low GI food


-Natural muesli

-Multi-grain bread

-Wholemeal Teigwaren

-Low-fat milk & yoghurt

-Brown grain

-Most fresh fruit

-Sweet corn

-Sweet potato


Large GI foods

-White breads

-Rice-based crackers

-White rice


-Jelly lollies

-White Spud

-Fruit juice

Low GI foods are consumed in daytime for slow release strength to maintain you during the day. High GI foods are consumed just before a workout for speedy release strength & after having a workout to replenish glucose levels. After a exercises are the most crucial time for protein & carbohydrates, parts of your muscles are starving for nutrients. Also consuming high GI foods after a workout shuts down cortisol a muscle spending hormone that increases during training.

During my training I would train every single muscle twice a week, (trained 3 muscle groups a day), my workout wouldnt last longer than 1 . 5 several hours, but because I was training each muscle tissue twice per week, I would simply do roughly 3-4 exercises per muscle tissue, heavy weight, (4 sets, 8-10 reps).

Example work out

Monday: Shoulders/Triceps/Calves

Tuesday: Quads/Chest/Biceps

Wednesday: Back/Hamstrings/Abs

Thursday: Others

Friday- Shoulders/Triceps/Calves

Saturday: Quads/Chest/Biceps

Sunday: Back/Hamstrings/Abs

Supplements I took was creatine approximately 5g ahead of & after my workout. Creatine increases power & facilitates protein synthesis.


The key into a well developed upper body is volume level, volume & volume. 00% of people I realize in the gym pushup without the correct technique, the moment lowering the line, make sure that always lands right under your chest, not any higher. Keeping this technique through the entire exercise takes away pressure from the shoulders & puts even more strain for the actual upper body. Try accomplishing this with very sluggish form, and keeping the chest tensed at all times. Keep in mind that you'll experience it nowadays.

If your breasts is deficient try a approach I used early on inside my gym your life. Do several sets of flat bench press 8-10 representatives every second day first thing in your workout. If your muscle tissue are used to the same kind of chest regimen they are going to stop responding over time of time, this workout is just like a 'wake up call' intended for the chest. I certainly saw outcomes after 4 weeks.

Best torso exercises;

-- Flat bench press

- Toned flys

-- Weighted dips

- Tend cable flys

- Dumbell pull-overs

These kinds of 5 exercises above will be what developed my upper body.

Try these people in that order for your next chest workout, and in addition if your breasts needs producing, liek We said previously mentioned, every second day strike the flat bench press first up before virtually any workout.

Remember, your muscles will not likely grow if they happen to be used to the same workout, rep range, or perhaps amount of weight. If you always lift up heavy, make an effort lifting mild, if you only do some sets, try 5 or 6, everything to shock the muscle in to new growth.

My spouse and i go by my very own saying, 'It's not what size you are its how good you look'

The 2 most important features to the attractive body is;

- Extensive shoulders

- Narrow waistline

PRIORITY TEACHING is one of the biggest keys to changing the way you look. I teach shoulders twice a week, putting extra concentrate on the rear & side delts as these will give you a wider appearance from every angle. I see many men at the gym spending too much time moving their arms then moving up their particular sleeves and acting every staunch. But when they check out the beach they dont possibly get a second look mainly because...

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