The Giver: Contemporary Composition

п»їMother and Daddy


Mar 19, 2013

Your Little girl

The Real World

Exito, British Columbia, Canada

Dearest Dad and mom,

I realize you are probably very concerned after learning I possess left the city. However , I've written to you personally to explain why I did so. As you both know, I have already been training over the Giver to be the new Device of Memory space. Over time, I possess received various memories, and experienced discomfort like no other, you are unable to grasp the concept of some things I have discovered, but I will try my personal best to describe them to you so you can realise why I have chosen to leave. I have already been taught and experienced color, and how our community frontrunners had ruined it in the time very much before all of us. They have removed what makes us different and diverse, growing the community into a world of grayscale white and sameness. When i was in schooling, I came across an e book called The Giver by simply Lois Lowry. It tells of a culture where the frontrunners control almost everything and everyone. That sounded as being similar to our community, there is discharge, sameness, job assignments, meals deliverers, a lot. At first, when I started reading, I thought it absolutely was a book revealed our community. I have discovered a lot of secrets about our area, most of which will encouraged myself to keep, proving our community is known as a false thinking about. Therefore , I use chosen to leave because of the truth of launch, and insufficient diversity.

Our phony utopian world is inserted into complete sameness. Available The Giver, Jonas starts to experience the color red, and the Giver points out why. " 'Our persons made that choice, the option to go to sameness.[…]We all relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did aside with the difference. We obtained control of many things. But we had to let move of others'”(Lowry 95). The city leaders took away most color, turning their globe black and light. This demonstrates their community, and our community is known as a false contemplating. Controlled simply by...

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