Both students and U. S. university or college are responsible for the students’ well-being Composition

Equally students and U. S. university are in charge of for the students' health and wellness In the past one or two decades, the number of students whom go abroad for further learning, especially in America has increased swiftly. International college students have best expectations of the adjustment to college; however , not really everyone can conveniently and efficiently adjust to the newest life inside the U. S., and they manage to experience an even more tough change period than their primary thought. It is essential to attach importance to supporting students adapt to the university or college life in U. H., because it decides the quality of the abroad lifestyle. University can offer proper classes or programs to help students accustom to American culture. Besides, students themselves can focus on individual problems and ask for targeted help rather than some standard help proposed by the university. There are also some psychological concerns which can be coped by the student himself/herself, instead of additional external help. As far as I am concerned, both the university and the students must be responsible for learners adaptation for the university; to some extent, the students themselves may play a more natural part in dealing with this challenge. The U. S. university or college accepts foreign students via all over the world, and it has the obligation to help foreign students adjust to the new environment. The school can offer some general support, such as a number of platforms or perhaps classes, for students to know more regarding local tradition as well as get acquainted with new good friends from diverse backgrounds. For instance, the University of Southern California provides a course called " American Culture" the goal of which is to teach pupils about American culture, the things which they likely wouldn't recognize just by watching TV. (Guidi 2) In this way, students gain even more experiences if you take field journeys or mouth watering characteristic meals with residents, and all these kinds of...

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