Theory of Knowledge and Feeling Perception Dissertation

What can be intended by the panchatantra saying, " knowledge is definitely the true organ of look, not the eyes” is it necessary to have obvious ideas to see?

Whenever we say " sight” most of us refer to each of our eyes because of which all of us human beings get to see, it is some thing we all share, ears to know, nose to smell and breathe, tongue to taste and sight to see. When we think about knowledge each human beings understanding is made up of what every person learns through their past experience, through the actual have been informed and with the help of the education system therefore just about every persons knowledge differs. Every human beings physical qualities are identical but mentally every person thinks and perceives the world surrounding them differently. The in this scenario would be that a person who designer watches a lot of television identifies an occasional actress on the street but a person who won't watch tv set will not understand the occasional actress but will observe her nevertheless. Therefore everyone is able to " see” but how you perceive it is upto every person. Therefore understanding is the true source of sight the your-eyes just the facilitator.

Also whenever we analyze the particular use of each of our eyes alone through an case if your walking on the road and someone requires you for a lift and you simply sweetly fall because your awaiting someone but you think of the gesture to be very sweet but when you go home and out the television for you see the same man is in reality a robber. For that reason what your eyes see of a person or a situation might not always be completely true. The person's eyes were not effective in judging the person yet once it was connected to the understanding they received by watching tv. Therefore the sight by itself may not always be completely truthful.

Though what will a incapable person or maybe a blind guy do with this situation? Whenever we look at this in the scientific method that her or his eyes are unable to decipher the sunshine correctly hence the image that they see is usually incorrect and never truthful....

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