To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

How does Harper Lee bring out different aspects of Atticus? The primary theme of " To Kill a Mockingbird” is racial prejudice. This can be a story informed by Search later on in her life when she actually is an adult sharing with the story of her child years in Maycombe and the certainty of a Desventurado (Tom Robinson) accused of raping a white woman. He was defended by her father who will be a Lawyer, Atticus, and he's one of the central characters inside the novel. Atticus is a decent character, not merely is this individual a knowledgeable lawyer, he is a good citizen, trusting, non-racist, brave, stands up for what he features and is against violence. Having been very understanding and set an example to his children regarding being meaningful. Harper Shelter was able to bring out different personality aspects of Atticus in her novel by the use of a variety of ways. The story begins by Atticus being asked to defend Jeff Robinson. Atticus takes the case as he is definitely not racist and believes in standing up for what you believe in even though this individual probably sees that he refuses to win the situation as it may help people see how wrong it is to always be racist. This shows that this individual has valor and commitment by tallying to do this although he must stand up to the townspeople of Maycombe who also are very hurtful and then by following through and giving Ben the best protection possible. He has provide a great example to his children if it is courageous which shows towards the end with the story once Jem (his son) shows courage when ever Bob Ewell attacks him and his sibling, Jem will keep his sister safe when he leaps in to guard them both. Though this is physical he was showing courage but in the end since Ewell received killed it was the wrong kind of courage. Not merely is Atticus a kind and loving dad, reading to his kids and giving them comfort whenever they need it, he also is responsible by being stringent at times and teaching them hard lessons, as if he allows Jem to come with him to share with Tom's partner about his death. At the conclusion of the novel, when Atticus believes...

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