Unit 210 Support learning activities Composition

п»їUnit 210 Support learning activities.

Evaluation Criteria

Outcome you Support the teacher in planning learning activities 1 ) 1 Explain how a learning support doctor may help the planning, delivery and overview of learning activities

Assisting in actions would be delivery, if you pass on ideas, observations or ideas that would be adding to planning. Casual discussion with the teacher with what weekly and daily activities which will be taking place. В This form of planning is known as short term and would be the almost certainly that a teaching assistant will be involved in. The teacher may possibly put some period aside to discuss each week's activities together with the teaching assistant, this would normally allow for any suggestions to get made. Providing В may become by setting up the room with the correct methods before the lesson takes place and laying out the tables and chairs etc . В That you one support may be essential for some students; this should had been discussed before the lesson. В It may be that the T. A is offer work with a single specific table/group of children or just float surrounding the classroom and be available in the event that any of the kids ask for support. В

Result 3 Support learning activities

a few. 4 Describe the sorts of problems that may well occur once supporting learning activities as well as how to deal with these

Insufficient resources: A learning process usually needs resources including pencils, conventional paper, worksheets,, color pots, styling brushes etc . If perhaps there are not enough resources for every single pupil then this learning activity could be interrupted because someone would have to keep the room to get more assets, which waste products valuable learning time. В One way to avoid this from happening is by collecting enough resources for your day to go around. It is additionally important to check that equipment is secure and functioning and that there is nothing broken by any means and that I realize of how to work with it securely. Environment: A lot of sound will be a muddiness whether that...

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