Essay upon Voter Identification

Lemuel Tyler Harper

Professor David Herold

English language 101

September 28, 2013

Voter I actually. D. in North Carolina

Monday, August 12, 2013 North Carolina Gov. Dab McCrory fixed into law House Expenses 859, a controversial voter I. M. law. This law arrived the wake up of the Supreme Court's overturning of a important part of the Voting Rights Action of 1965. Civil rights leaders demonstration this legislation and claim that it is out of constitute, but is this so? This essay will certainly debunk the arguments against the N. C. Voter My spouse and i. D. Rules and show how it will advantage North Carolina.

A recent election by the Wa Post demonstrates that 74% of american citizens support needing I. Deb. to election. Having an I. G. is an integral part of life. With no I. M., one would essentially be a second-class citizen. 1 cannot plank a airplane, buy smoking cigarettes, buy liquor, cash a check, fill out career papers, get a loan, head to college, acquire insurance, lease an apartment, and do many other things. Why is it the fact that argument gets heated when the topic is having an I. D. to vote. One would think that keeping our elections accurate and untainted would be more important than buying smoking cigarettes. Voter We. D. could keep people coming from committing voter fraud. Voter fraud contains voting more than once, voting under an alias-name, a noncitizen voting, and voting for someone else. With Residence Bill 859 in place decider fraud will be practically impossible. The opposition statements that there is not just a real problem with voter fraudulence in America. Decider fraud is hard to catch because there is at present no way of proving you happen to be or are certainly not the person that you just claim to always be at the polls. There are much more than 1 . eight million useless voters still on the progresses, as of the 2012 election (thetruevote. org). More than 2 . 7 million Americans are registered to vote much more than a single state (thetruevote. org). There are even some areas throughout the nation that have more registered voters than citizens (thetruevote. org). House Invoice 859 may help do away with most of this fraudulence...

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