What People May Have Come to America Before Columbus? Essay

What individuals may have come to America ahead of Columbus?

In exploring for people who may possibly have found its way to the Americas prior to Columbus I found these kinds of three groups of people. They were the Tania, Guineas, as well as the Islamic Muslims all have got archeological proof to establish the fact that they can possibly would have arrived in the Americas just before Columbus.

With reference to the Tanio, I found that archeologists have got unearthed two separate sites with artifacts of their existence. One such internet site known as Mis Buchillones which is located on the north coast of Cuba and another web page known as La Aleta which can be located in the Dominican Republic. The a shortage of an abundance of artifacts from this group of people can be attributed to the fact that they made their very own buildings and their craft job primarily coming from wood that has disintegrated above the centuries.

Through continued analysis I likewise discovered that the Guineas from West The african continent were playing trade with all the Native Americans prior to the arrival of Columbus. The evidence to substantiate their lifestyle during this time period was learned by several different people. Among those people was Polish mentor Andrzej Wiercinski. He discovered African skulls at Olmec sites in Tlatico, Loma de las Meseas and Monte Alban. Furthermore, very ancient African skulls have already been unearthed in California, Mexico, Central and South America. The very best evidence of their existence originate from Columbus himself. In his journal of the Second Voyage, Columbus reported that whenever he come to Haiti the native Americans informed him that black-skinned people had come from the south and southeast in boats, trading in gold-tipped metal asparagus spears.

The final group I came across through my study was the Islamic Muslims. During the twentieth 100 years research was conducted on the western part of the country through that research they discovered proof that the Muslims existed for the American mainland approximately seven centuries before the...

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