Job Tension Of Entrance And Core Level Staff Of Private Industrial Banks In Bangladesh Article


Job Stress Of Entry And The middle of Level Worker Of

Personal Commercial Financial institutions In Bangladesh

Job Pressure of access and the middle of level staff of Private Industrial Banks in Bangladesh

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Taskina Ali


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Tasnuba Jahan Poonam

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Department of organization administration

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12 September 2009

Taskina Ali


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Dear Madam

This is certainly to inform you that i include prepared this report about Trust Traditional bank Gulshan Corporate Branch. From this report my spouse and i tried my own level better to provide all the information about TBL. Here i have discussed the level of stress with the employee from the Trust Lender Gulshan Business Branch, Which include these I possess also attempted to provide additional information about TBL

I sincerely hope that you will accept the report and i as well hope that my function will come up to the level of your expectations. Many thanks,

Sincerely your own,

Tasnuba Jahan Poonam

ID: 2005-2-13-003



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1 . Professional Summary


2 . Launch

2 . 1 . Purpose of the report

installment payments on your 2 . Scope of the record

2 . several. Methodology in the study

installment payments on your 4. Constraints

2 . 5 Definition


3. Background of Trust Bank

3. 1 Panel of Owners

3. a couple of Hierarchy in the organization

several. 3 Corporate and business information

several. 4 objective, vision, placing statement and values a few. 5 TBL and corporate Id

3. 6 Number of Employees & Distinct Department of TBL 11-21

4. Studies


a few. Recommendations and Suggestion


6. conclusions


7. recommendations


Executive Summery:

Trust Traditional bank Limited (TBL) is one of the leading private commercial Bank creating a spread network of forty five branches throughout Bangladesh using a wide range of modern day corporate and consumer financial products; it has been operating since 1999 and has achieved community confidence being a sound and steady Bank. To survive competitively available in the market any business whether it is production or services oriented they need an excellent number of employees. With no proper involvement of worker organization cannot perform all their task or can not accomplish their goal. But now days in Financial sector of Bangladesh pressure in work place and task tension keeps growing concern because of detrimental results on wellness, mental wellness and work performance. Anxiety is the manifestly uncomfortable feeling that an person experience when he or she's forced to deviate form usual or wanted patterns of functioning. Task stress after that is simply the set of these kinds of feelings that derives by forces found in the work place. As task stress and tension is known as a growing concern in our counter and it is impacting on the performance of worker that's why I possess prepare my report on the " Task stress of entry and mid level employee of personal commercial banks in Bangladesh”. This statement has been executed to find out the stress and tension level of automobile of Trust Bank (Gulshan corporate branch) In this survey I attempted to find out the factor which can be responsible for task stress and job stress. Although in Banking sector of Bangladesh stress in work place and job pressure is growing concern but the worker of Trust Bank (Gulshan corporate branch) they are not really too much pressure and standard of job stress is very low but the supervision are trying to improve the situation day by day. Most of the worker is fulfill with their task. This record is prepared on the basis of my 12 several weeks practical experience for Trust Bank Ltd. And it helps me a lot to understand about the factors which will increase the job stress and tension of employees who have are working in banking sector. If Trust Bank would like to increase loyalty of their worker regarding their particular organization they...

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